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Crime Watch Committee






Crime Watch






Committee Chair:  Jerri Strong



  • Enhance safety awareness in the community.

  • Take a leadership role in working with local law enforcement and organizing a crime-prevention network of block captains for every street in the neighborhood so that residents may watch out for one another.

  • Organize Patrols to canvas the neighborhood for suspicious persons or activities and report to the Richardson Police.

  • Investigate the latest ideas and trends in both property crimes and crimes against persons and how to prevent those types of crimes in the community, and communicating this information to the community.

Please contact or if you would like to volunteer on the Crime Watch Committee.

Crime Watch Tips:

Crime prevention is the practice of identifying and removing the opportunity for crime to occur.

Download these Crime Watch Tips for more information.
Crime Patrols:
Creek Hollow has an active Crime Patrol that canvases the neighborhood on a regular basis to help watch for suspicious persons and activities. If you have an hour or two a month and can help with this activity please contact Creek Hollow Crime Watch Committee Chair.

If you are planning a trip and would like for the Crime Patrol to pay closer attention to any activity around your home while you are away, please email


CREEK HOLLOW Crime Watch Program:
Our community is striving to get global participation in crime watch activities in order to get to know our neighbors better and to make our community safer. We would like to get a crime watch captain on each street in our community to organize events and meetings. Below is a list of our current crime watch captains.



Block Captain


Barley OPEN 
Binley OPEN
Blackfield Angela Smith
Brookvale OPEN
Calstone OPEN
Chainhurst Jerri Strong
Clifton OPEN
Compton OPEN
Dove Creek OPEN
Dunwich OPEN
Durango OPEN
Elk Springs OPEN
Elmstead (East) Eric Koegl
Fairlands OPEN
Fernhurst  Lori Rea
Greenfield OPEN
Gunnison OPEN
Hanbury OPEN
Harlington (West) Marcia Miller
Harlington (East) Lori Rea
Holford Ollie Hensley & James Pitman
Kingsbury OPEN
Marchwood (East) David Goulet
Marlow Rebecca Blasingame & Martita Short
Newhaven (West) Martha Lee
Parkhurst Shubha Dugad & Robin Smith
Pinon Canyon OPEN
Redcliff OPEN
Silverthorne OPEN
Tabernash OPEN


CITY OF RICHARDSON Crime Watch Program:

Our Crime Prevention officer in the Richardson Police Department is Officer Mike Wieczorek:

Officer Mike Wieczorek

Richardson Crime Prevention:

For emergencies,
or to report a crime in progress,
please call 911.


The following types of solicitors MUST have applied for, and been granted, a permit by the City of Richardson before they can do this job:

  • Door to door solicitations

  • Place handbills or flyers on doors

  • Charitable solicitation in a roadway

Those exempt include religious organizations, charitable organizations going door to door, and kids doing fundraisers for school and other organizations such as Scouts.


The interesting aspect here is that every solicitor even the guys that put flyers on your door MUST have a permit predominately shown when doing this job. See the example of a permit that should be displayed on the person soliciting. This permit may be white or bright yellow.

If someone is soliciting (even the flyer guy) without such a permit, the Richardson Police should be notified.  The Richardson Police run a full background check on these people in order to prevent criminals with a record or pedophiles from having easy access to our neighborhoods and homes.

The Police emphasized that we do not confront the solicitor, but wait for them to leave and immediately contact the Police. They want to avoid any possible case of retaliation or anything that would put us in danger.

If you feel uncomfortable dialing 9-1-1, then just contact the Richardson Police on their main number which is 972-744-4800.



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